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Drill down into your organisation’s employee experience.
Engage your teams.

100% customisable, intuitive and user-friendly.

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Create the questions you need​

Whether you want feedback following an event or key activity, a contextualised survey or insights into whether employees are in tune with your organisation’s values, you can create the questions you need.

Employee experience

Gain greater insight into the issues affecting the different stages of the employee lifecycle.

Question bank​

Draw inspiration from our question bank to tailor your pulse surveys to your needs.

Security and GDPR

Our customers include some big names in banking and manufacturing who recognise how seriously we take security. Our server is located in France and we are fully GDPR-compliant.

Target a specific employee population

Putting a question to a specific employee population couldn’t be easier.

“With Bleexo, we can organise customised, flexible feedback campaigns, which for us is essential!”

Identifiez les problèmes et créez des actions personnalisées

Bleexo benefits​

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100% multilingual

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Real time

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No download necessary

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With or without email access

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Get responses in 45 seconds

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Question bank

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Personalised questions

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Smart surveying (AI)

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date selection

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Choice of the population interviewed

Employer branding​
Employer branding​

When it comes to talent management, your employer brand is key. By using Bleexo, you show that you are invested in improving your employees’ quality of work life and in making your organisation a “best place to work”.


A bottom-up culture where everyone can share their experience is now a must for good employee engagement.


A study published in the Harvard Business Review has revealed that the profit made by businesses that invest in employee experience is on average four times higher than the profit of those that don’t.


“In Bleexo, we have a solution that allows us to improve our HR strategy on an ongoing basis. Whatever the issues and challenges facing the organisation, Bleexo is able to adapt and help us make progress in real time.”

Victor Ribeiro - HR Director, Vinci Construction Terrassement


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