Establish a culture of constructive peer-to-peer feedback.

Celebrate the little everyday achievements that pave the way for the big successes of tomorrow.
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Recognition is critical.

Lack of recognition is consistently cited in studies as a key contributing factor to poor quality of work life and engagement and plays a significant role in two-thirds of resignations.

Strengthen your values

By encouraging a culture of constructive feedback, you help establish positive practices and ensure your employees are in tune with company strategy and values.

Gradually, their behaviours will start to reflect your organisation’s values, making them increasingly tangible.

Greater cross-company communication

Once a Bravo is posted, it can be seen by everyone, from colleagues in other teams to senior managers. Users also have the option to like or comment on posts.

This is cross-company communication in action, helping teams connect through mutual recognition.

Personal development

Millennials love this method of giving and receiving praise; it’s recognition for the modern world.

But they’re not the only ones. The more Bravos are given and received within an organisation, the more your employees will come into their own and have their time to shine.

Ongoing recognition and feedback

Success relies partly on skills and knowledge, but mostly boils down to self-confidence. Why wait for your performance review to get recognition? Why wait weeks or even months? Why should recognition only come from your manager? Waiting breeds frustration. Wait and you miss the boat. With Bleexo’s “Bravo” module, your employees can celebrate the achievements of their colleagues and other teams, as they happen.

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Boost self-confidence.​

By recognising a person’s efforts today, you motivate them to perform well tomorrow.

Mutual encouragement

Teams encourage one another and celebrate their achievements, which in turn promotes greater cross-company communication.

Celebrate success, as it happens

Recognition is a dish best served hot. Keep up with the latest success stories with Bleexo.

Everyone is involved

It’s not just about congratulating a manager on behalf of their team; each team member can receive recognition directly.

Maximise engagement

Recognition is a key driver of engagement. Employees who feel that their achievements are not recognised will engage less. Make the right choice.

Improve retention​

Establishing a culture of constructive feedback impacts directly on employee retention and professional development.

Cross-company interactions

Bleexo’s Bravo module creates a virtuous circle by enabling employees to recognise colleagues at all levels of the company, from senior managers to members of other teams.

Cement your organisation’s values and management model

Encouraging your employees promotes positive behaviours. An organisation’s values should be embraced and embodied in its employees’ day-to-day work.

Achievements are recognised, whether they’re big or small:

Little victories are important. Don’t let them go unnoticed.

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“Thanks to Bleexo, we’ve been able
to develop a feedback culture."

Benjamin Ozenne – Bouygues Energies Services - Employer Branding and Internal Communications Manager

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